SNA Terminology 101

Fresher’s guide to basic Social Network Analysis (SNA) Terminology:

Alter A person to whom the focal individual is connected
Betweenness centrality A measure of how often a given vertex lies on the shortest path between two other vertices, or the vertex’s role as a ‘bridge’/ quantifies the number of times a node acts as a bridge along the shortest path between two other nodes.
Broker Bridge that acts as a link between nodes
Centrality How important a vertex is within the network
Closeness centrality The average distance between a vertex and every other vertex in the network, measures to what extent the vertex is directly connected to others in network. Measuring closeness in a twitter network allows a researcher to measure of how long it will take to spread information from the main node to all other nodes sequentially.
Clustering coefficient Measurement of density in a 1.5 degree network
Component A disconnected piece of a single network
Degree centrality Overall number if edges connected to a particular vertex (i.e. the number of ties that a node has)
Ego The person who is the focus of the study
Eigenvector centrality Measures the extent to which a vector’s connections are well connected (i.e measures the influence of a node in a network.
Group Vertices that are well connected to each other than they are to others in the network. Groups emerge as highly interconnected sets of actors known as cliques and clusters
In-degree A count of the number of ties directed to the node/The number of connections that point inward at a vertex. When ties are associated to some positive aspects such as friendship or collaboration. It is often interpreted as a form of popularity
Network Density Measures the extent to which vertices are highly connected. Measures the number of “actual” relations or ties as a proportion of the number of theoretically possible relations or ties
Node A connection point
Out-degree The number of ties that the node directs to others.
Range Varying size and heterogeneity of social networks
Structural hole A third person who bridges the gap between pairs which are not directly connected.



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